Why does my payment fail?


Common errors that cause payment failure:


1. Your card is not supported.


Please double check the credit card information you have entered and make sure your billing address matches this information exactly. If this is the case, you should contact your bank for additional assistance.


Depending on the country in which you are located you might have to call your bank to check the limitations of your card account to authorize your credit card for online or overseas transactions.


2. Is PayPal blocking the purchase?


Check if there are any Credit Card or Debit Card issues (such as an invalid card, expired card, amount exceeds daily limit, the card is disabled, etc.)

Credit Card or Debit Card issues with International transactions (Ensure the card you are using is allowed to buy online from overseas merchants).

If you are receiving a receipt error for a PayPal order then likely there is an issue with your PayPal funding source. Please contact PayPal.com support for more information.


If your payment won’t process with your PayPal account or you’re still having problems with your card, try:

Make the purchase again in a browser that’s in Incognito mode, or in a Changing your payment method at checkout, or use a different credit card or PayPal account.

If none of these issues apply, please contact us with your order number (if you got one), name and email address, error notification and the screenshot of the error, we will check the details and assist you in continuing the order.


Our contact email : service@intimatehoney.com