Q: How to make a payment?
A: If you don’t know how to make a order on our site, please click here: How to make a payment
Q: What is the ordering & shipping process?

A: Once you place your order on our website, the process is as follows:

1.We check over your order to ensure everything is OK

2.The order is sent through to our production team

3.The doll is built - we are sent images of the doll for the first line quality check

4.The doll is shipped to our warehouse in the Netherlands or HongKong, where it undergoes a physical quality control check.

The doll is then shipped to you by UPS, Full body doll only supports UPS delivery, other products will be delivered through DHL and EMS, etc.

Shipping time is generally next working day once we receive the doll and have inspected it for quality, but will vary depending on location. You will usually receive your doll within 12 -14 working days of ordering with us.

On rare occasion an unavoidable delay may occur during the production of your doll, of which we will notify you via email.

Q: Where Is my doll ship from ?

A: Your doll is ship to you directly from the Netherlands warehouse or Hong Kong warehouse.

If your country is an EU country, we will send your doll from the Netherlands warehouse or HongKong warehouse, 10 working days delivery time.

If your country is in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries, we will send your doll from the Hong Kong warehouse. 8 working days delivery time

Unlike most other vendors, we go through a strict quality control procedure to ensure your doll is in great condition. It is always worth asking a potential vendor where the doll will be shipped from.

Q: Which delivery option should I choose?

A: Our Full Body Dolls are delivered via UPS. The deliveries arrive between 9am–6pm.

    If you want to order full body sex doll, please Choose" UPS Free shipping" delivery mothod.

    If you want to order other products besides full body dolls (order amount under $500), you need to choose the "DHL delivery" option, free shipping and it will be delivered through DHL and EMS, etc.
Q: How long will my doll take to arrive?

A: Usually after an order has been taken and the payment has been accepted, we will process the order within 12 hours, after which the doll is then made.

We would usually expect to receive the doll within 12-14 working days, after which we do a quality control check and then ship the doll out to you.

In short, anywhere between 12 – 20 days is the normal time for a doll delivery.

Q: Is the package discreet?


Absolutely, the doll packaging does not identify the contents.

The dolls are packaged in a plain brown box. The size of the box is depends on the size doll you order, but it will usually be around 150cm tall, 42cm wide and 28cm deep.

Q: How will my doll be packaged?

A: All of our dolls arrive in a plain brown box. The box has no identification on it is as to the contents.

Our shipping suppliers know that your parcel is fragile, however do not know what the contents of the box is, keeping 100% discretion.

The package contains your dolls, wigs, combs, a set of doll's underwear, cleaning tools, vagina heating rods, doll manuals, etc.

Q: Do you let me know when my delivery is coming?


If you would like your doll to be delivered on a specific day, please let us know in the order comments so we can accommodate this.

You will be given a tracking number for you to track your parcel. You can call the local UPS in advance to arrange a delivery time.

Q: Can I go to a local UPS warehouse to pick up the package?


You can pick up the package from the local UPS warehouse instead of home.

You need to call the local UPS and tell them about your requirements

Q: What is your refund & replacement policy?

A: Cancellation Policy

Many orders can be canceled until shipment. Orders that have already shipped cannot be canceled and will be treated as returns.

All orders are canceled are subject to a 20% administration & re-stocking fee whether or not your order has shipped. If your order has shipped, you (the buyer) will also be responsible for actual return shipping charges. Refunds will only be issued to the original credit card that you use when placing your order.

Once your order has been shipped, it can no longer be canceled.

If you would like to cancel your order, please email to service@intimatehoney.com

Replacement Policy

A Replacement will be granted only if you have received an incorrect item due to our error. If you have received a defective item, we may opt to fix it or replace it at our discretion. In which case we are happy to pay for the return shipping, fix or replace the item at no additional charge and ship it back to you. (standard production and shipping times apply). For more information on this, see our SSW 100% Satisfaction Guarantee here.

You should report any problems with your product within 24 hours of accepting delivery.

WARNING: Sex toy laws dictate that we cannot accept the return of a sex doll.

Unfortunately, Items that are damaged through improper use are not eligible for repair or exchange, regardless of the duration of time the product was used.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any problem with your order, please contact us and we will do our best to fix the issue immediately.

please email to service@intimatehoney.com

Q: Can I visit your store?
A: Sorry, We now only operate online to keep our costs down and ensure our products are of the lowest price available.
Q: Can I pay on delivery?
A: Sorry, we do not support cash on delivery
Q: Can I pay by installments?
A: Sorry, Intimatehoney does not support installments currently.
Q: Can I try before I buy?

A: We get asked this question a lot!

Intimatehoney does not offer this service, however.

Q: Can I have the wig shown exactly in the image of the dolls

A: In some cases, that isn’t an issue.

If you want to the wigs shown as her pics, please let us know in the order comments so we can do the best for you.

But some of the dolls shown on the website have had a non-standard wig used, we will have to send you the closest match.

Q: How do I choose the type of vagina and pubic hair?

A: The default is built-in vagina and no pubic hair, please add a comment in your order if you want her to have a removable vagina or pubic hair.