Q: How do I choose the type of vagina and pubic hair?
A: The default is built-in vagina and no pubic hair,  please add a comment in your order if you want her to have a removable vagina or pubic hair.

Q: Do I need to pay customs tariff? and how long it will be delivered?
A: Free shipping to countries in European countries, Free tax (UK is exception). Normally it will take 8 business days by UPS.
Free shipping to US, UK, Canada, Australia, and you should pay the tariff to customs, Normally it will take 8-10 business days by UPS.

Q: what if my moms finds it?
A: Our packages are always discreet, brown boxes,no ads,plain packages. But you know, you can't be able to hide anything at home, if the parents don't want you to have your own secret. LOL

Q: How squishy are the tits?
A: Dear:  she's tit is real polish soft just like the real girl. very crisp Relax.

Q: How is the packaging?
A: Inside is a beautiful girl color box packaging,print company Logo on the packaging JBD , opaque yellow box outside packaging

Q: Whats the recommended positions to use this item?
A: Dear:she could service you with vagina/anus/breast/oral sex.

Q: Are the holes separate? Do they have a different feel?
A: Dear: Yes,the hole is separate. you could be positive and make love to her could also turn with her.Positions you change to ensure cool you.

Q: Can you do her doggy style?
A: Dear: Yes, she is soft, you could hold her waist, tilt her hips high, placed on the flat place in the two leds cut off. could also make her doggies style for you.

Q: What material is the doll made of?
A: Our dolls are made with top quality TPE as well as Medical Grade Silicone. Our doll is also articulated with metal skeleton.   The silicone skin gives feeling of realistic skin, and thanks to the metal skeleton all body parts (thighs, legs, forearms, upper arms, hands,feet,torso ..) can be moved independently.

Q: How do I clean my doll after having sex ?
A: Just clean vaginal hole with warm water.  For further instructions, please check out our Care and Maintenance page for more information.

Q: Can I spray perfume on my doll ?
A: Some perfumes may contain alcohol which can damage the skin, so we suggest you spray it on a hidden part (such as the armpit) or avoid perfumes which contain alcohol.

Q: How does refund and return work?
A: Since we sell adult items, it is not possible to issue refunds or accept returns under any circumstances.  As per our policy, we don’t accept cancellations after orders are processed and production is under way. However, if our team hasn’t begun work on your doll, the order can be voided in exchange for 30 percentage of the original amount you paid as “cancellation charges”.

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still pay with PayPal anyway?
A: Of course, actually paying by PayPal means paying by bank card (VISA / Master Card / credit card etc …)

Q: Do you really ship everywhere ?
A: Yes! However, we DO NOT ship to Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Middle Eastern countries.

Due to the nature of products and the variety of uses, all our love dolls come AS IS with no warranty of any kind. Our company follows the industry standard for sex dolls. For obvious reasons of hygiene we can’t accept any return after use.